Best One Zone, as the name suggests has been specially tailored and designed to be the best platform for retailers to enhance their business and increase customer base. The objective is simple REDEFINE RETAIL BUSINESS by empowering retailers with technology and act as a platform for small businesses to sell anything and everything.


We give the technology edge, convenience of online payment and most importantly a touch of digital marketing advantage to small merchants which otherwise would have only been available to big players. With all these at your service we present a simple and easy to use platform that can connect any business with their customers. We are not confined to be a zone for one particular merchandise or seller, we are an amalgamation of all. We act as a common touch-point for all services, products and customers. This is why we say 'Sell Everything and Anything'. We cater to almost all the needs of a person in day to day life, beginning with mobile recharge to ticket booking; from bill payments to vacationing, that too offering preferences on price, comfort and convenience. In a nutshell, Best One Zone creates a win-win combination both for you and your customer. It increases your business returns along with giving your customers a never before feeling of customer delight.

Our Vision & Mission

To bridge the gap between local merchants and their customers whilst being an innovative and technology-driven, all-in- one business gateway.